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  • Representatives of the Cooperative Associacion of the Czech Republic attended the 3rd International summit of cooperatives, which was held in Québec, Canada on October 11–13, 2016.
  • Czech production co-operatives DITA Tábor, ERGOTEP Proseč and VÝVOJ Třešť were awarded in regional rounds of prestigious national business competition the Firm of the Year 2016.
  • The Union of Czech Production Co-operatives released n.10/2016 of magazine Výrobní družstevnictví (Production Co-operatives).
  • The plenary session of the European Parliament has approved the report entitled 'How best to harness the job creation potential of SMEs?', which is aimed at supporting SMEs in their efforts to combat the unemployment rate.
  • Czech production co-operatives were participated in the International Fashion Fair STYL, International Footwear and Leatherware Fair KABO and in the 43th Brave Basket.
  • The international cooperatives movement celebrated The 2016 International Day of Cooperatives on July 2, 2016, which was dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Dřevozpracující družstvo Lukavec was awarded the 2016 Production Co-operative of the Year award on June 27, 2016.
  • JUDr. Rostislav Dvořák, the President of the Union of Czech Production Co-operatives and the Vice President of Co-operative Association of the Czech Republic, has been elected as a member of the Board of CECOP…

Union of Czech Production Co-operatives

The Union of Czech Production Co-operatives is the important modern institution, member base of which consists of over 200 production co-operatives from the whole Czech Republic. Production co-operatives are significant purely Czech firms and their activities include engineering branches, construction, automotive branches, production of robots for processing industry, electro-installation materials, all types of furniture, cosmetics and drugstore goods, fashionable clothing for women, men and children, but also kitchen utensils, gardening tools, equipment for hunters, fishermen, police and army. They also produce jewelry, Christmas ornaments, toys simply inexhaustible range of products. Production co-operatives are important exporters not only to the countries of the EU, but also to USA, Canada, Brazil, Kuwait and the other countries of the Third World.

Great production co-operatives with thousands of employees and billions turnovers as well as co-operatives belonging to small and medium-sized enterprises with Czech employees and Czech quality products are the members of the Union of Czech Production Co-operatives. The Union is a professional information center for its members and it has a number of experts who provide legal services to cooperatives, tax, economic and financial advices, they prepare and implement training and professional seminars for staff of production co-operatives and organize joint expositions at trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad.

The Union of Czech Production Co-operatives belongs to leading employers' associations in the Czech Republic with a direct influence on the state administration and local government and represents the member co-operatives and defend their interests in negotiations with the government, ministries, members of parliament of the Czech Republic and institutions of the European Union. It represents member production co-operatives in Co-operative Association of the Czech Republic and in international co-operative institutions, especially ICA – International Co-operative Alliance, co-operative union CO-OPERATIVES EUROPE, CECOP – The European Confederation of cooperatives active in industry and services, CICOPA – International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers' Cooperatives.


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